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What makes this any different from the many excellent sites on the web highlighting the ecological problems of modern farming?

While the developers of many important web sites on this subject have had input from the medical profession, the information on this site has been put together by someone who is both a qualified internal medical specialist and laboratory scientist. Here the issues surrounding the way we eat and how they affect the environment have been carefully examined from a medical point of view so as to make recommendations that are clinically sound. There is a broad consensus supporting the recommendations made here.

The starting point has been to select diets that are in harmony with the world's environment and then to examine them as to whether or not these would be safe for our own health. Such diets turn out to be ideal for good health. However, so often it is the other way around. Our own selfish concerns are the only ones ever considered without any regard as to their environmental effects.

Many people seeking information on these issues may not be in a position to judge the validity of the numerous health claims that have been made. As you delve into this site you will find most of these issues have been extensively explored, using balanced arguments which are fully referenced for those who wish to explore further.

The vast majority of the information cited comes from peer-reviewed journals and other major scientifically based organizations. As much as possible the data have been traced back to the original references and scientific investigative rigor has been applied.  Almost all the references quoted are available on-line through major university electronic library resources or downloadable from the internet. If you don't have access to a full-text service, abstract summaries of most of the medical papers can be viewed using the US National Library of Medicine web site (http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/entrez/query.fcgi).

Happy exploring!