Eating Ecologically for your health and the health and future stability of the world.

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The world is now facing increasingly daunting problems associated with the way we eat:

Our present western diet is severely straining the Earth’s finite resources and at the same time causing severe damage to our ecosystems. We are rapidly heading towards a situation where animal protein rich diets will no longer be available because diverting huge amounts of basic foods into feed for industrial livestock production will not be possible: it will be required to feed people directly.

Recognition of the damage done by meat filled diets is now increasingly being reported in the media and recognized by governments and many internation bodies. When this web site was first put together a few years ago, the concept that our meat loaded diet was environmentally very destructive was outside the mainstream of opinion. Fortunately, more people are recognizing the problem and making the shift to a more plant based diet. Join the push: you will save yourself money, your health will improve and you will be doing something for the world.The reality is that changing your diet to a largely plant based one can much more rapidly help to curtail greenhouse gas emissions than pushing for the construction of renewable power facilities or other high tech solutions. It is also something you personally can readily do.

Over eating has also become a major issue not only because of its health risks but also because of the increased consumption of the world’s resources not only from increased food consumed but also from the increased energy required to move overweight people around. There is an underlying dark side to this: the manufacturers of processed foods have increased the amount of sugar, fat and salt in these foods to make them more palatable. The upshot has been that large numbers of people are now addicted in the true sense to these foods, unaware that they are being pushed into obesity by profit hungry manufacturers.

If you are in any doubt as to either the damage done by the food industry or the health benefits that come with a largely plant based diet free of manufactured foods, you must read on. You can act now to something very positive to save our world. This web site will:

  • Make you very aware of how much damage meat, dairy and general agricultural production is doing to our environment as well as doing unpleasant things to animals. 
  • Dispel the myth that meat and dairy are essential for good health.  
  • Show you that there are ways of producing healthy food that will not damage the earth’s ecosystems. 
  • Demonstrate just how your good health and longevity can benefit by increasing the proportion of plant-based foods you eat. 
  • Show you that you can have a really tasty way of eating with little or no animal-based foods, that is simultaneously good for you and good for the world. 
  • Reveal really wasteful and damaging foods. 
  • Demonstrate that overeating is not just a simple matter of lack of will power but a consequence of processed-food manufacturers’ manipulation of food to greatly increase its desirability so as to turn people into food addicts. 
  • Look at ways of fixing the mess that livestock production has caused. 

You can download a powerpoint presentation of the message contained in this web site. You are free to use it in any way that you wish, but please acknowledge your source. EatEco Powerpoint Download

Mixed farm

We want this…..

Factory farm

Not this!

The great modern myth is that the only way we can have food security for the world is to adopt industrial farming methods. However, many environmentally aware producers have shown that non industrial farming can produce the same or greater output without damaging the environment. Local production will mean some changes in the way we consume, particularly in not having out-of-season produce, but this is a small price to pay for environmental sustainability. Note however, that without a reasonable amount of mechanization, meeting food production targets will be almost impossible, no matter what form of agricultural production is used. Hence we need to find ways of conserving our dwindling fossil fuel reserves so that we don’t waste them on needless consumption and reserve them for activities which are vital to our future survival.