The good health page – why you should get most of your energy from plant-based foods that have had little or no processing.

Diets recommended by various medical authorities and other expert groups are amazingly similar and have been relatively consistent over the past 25 years – eat more fruit, vegetables and unprocessed grains.

  • American Dietetic Association – vegetarian diet. (Am Dietetic Ass. 06)
  • American Heart Association – DASH (Sacks 01), Step I, Step II and TLC diets as part of ATPIII (Am Heart Ass. 06)
  • Australian Government Dept. of Health and the National Health and Medical Research Council – Dietary Guidelines for Australians. (Aust diet 06)
  • Committee on Medical Aspects of Food and Nutrition Policy (COMA) and Department of Health, UK (UK Health 03)
  • European Community – Eurodiet Project. (Lang 03)
  • WHO/FAO recommended diet (WHO report #916, 2003)
  • US Department of Agriculture and US Department of Health and Human Services. – Dietary Guidelines for Americans. (Am. Diet 06)

Studies which have shown fruit and vegetable rich diets are good for your health: these are but a few examples.

  • Indo-Mediterranean Heart Study (Singh 02)
  • KIHD (Finland) Study (Rissanen 03)
  • Lyon Diet Study. (De Lorgeril 99)
  • Greek Mediterranean Diet Study (Trichopoulou 03)
  • Nurses Health Study: Prudent versus standard American diet in women. (Fung 01)
  • Prudent diet versus standard American diet in men. (Hu 00)

What is to be gained?

  • Around 3 years  or more longer life expectancy
  • At least a 25% reduction in coronary artery disease disease.
  • Better blood pressure
  • Reduced risk of obesity 
  • Reduced risk of type II diabetes.
  • Possible reduction in breast, colon and prostatic cancer

In other words a longer life with much less suffering from disease along the way.

There are number of factors which are important:

  • Eating more plant-based food to increase potassium and reduce sodium intake from processed foods and restaurant meals. 
  • Avoiding saturated fats of both plant and animal origin is a key to good health. 
  • Dietary fibre is important. 
  • Find out more in the “What to Eat section”.


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